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Did you know that an MDM solution could streamline citizen services and deliver better outcomes at a lower cost?


Complimentary White Paper – Top Six Benefits of Master Data Management (MDM) for Government Services



This paper highlights the benefits of making better use of government data – breaking down silos so different departments and agencies can draw from the same information sources and develop a more holistic view of where improvements and savings can be made.

VisionWare's MDM solution provides a simple and cost-effective way for large organizations to deliver this single view of the citizen and set the stage for future digital transformation efforts – including ambitious CRM and business intelligence projects.

 Accurate, complete and consistent citizen data
 Holistic view of service consumption
Higher-quality, more streamlined services at lower cost
image-4 Common entry point for front office, back office and self-service
image-6 Common data backbone for digital transformation 
6-b Better outcomes – and a better experience for citizens

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State and local governments are under more pressure than ever to streamline citizen services and deliver better outcomes at a lower cost.