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Introducing the VisionWare Proof of Business Value Service

Download this overview of our Proof of Business Value Service to get a deeper appreciation of how we could help you scope out your MDM initiative to drive targeted outcomes. We will outline all the benefits you can expect to create from engaging in this 2-3 week service, whilst also giving you some actionable advice around things to consider before moving forwards. We believe this is the most flexible and client focused proof of concept service in the MDM market, so why not find out more and challenge us to help you demonstrate the business case and de-risk your project.

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The download titled 'Proof of Business Value Service Overview' is now available. If you would like to challenge us to help you understand the tangible business benefits that our MDM solution could create for your organization then please do not hesitate to get in contact:


Download the file

Why engage in the Proof of Business Value Service:

  • Get the evidence you need to support the business case for MDM
  • Ensure the ROI for your MDM project is predictable in nature
  • De-risk your project and accelerate implementation timescales
  • Understand the Total Cost of Ownership of your MDM solution from the outset

Embarking on a Master Data Management project is an important strategic decision for your organization and you need to be sure that any investment made in technology is going to deliver tangible returns in a predictable time frame.

Gary Stalker, VP Technical Services - VisionWare