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The Customer MDM Buyers Guide

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start when scoping out a Master Data Management initiative. To make life that little bit easier we have created this handy buyers guide to ensure you know everything you need to know about mastering your customer data. The guide is designed to help business leaders and information management professionals create a MDM program that exceeds stakeholder expectations and delivers transformational business outcomes. We will provide you with a range of insight from advice on questions to ask MDM vendors through to some top tips for a successful project.

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In this paper you will learn:

  • The business value of Customer MDM
  • Common entry points for an MDM solution
  • Practical advice for a successful MDM project
  • How to identify if you have an MDM problem
  • Key considerations when evaluating MDM vendors

In a world where pretty much every technology vendor is proposing to help you create a ‘single view of the customer’ it’s often hard to understand where Master Data Management fits in the overall scheme of things.

The Customer MDM Buyers Guide