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Tackling Single Person Discount Fraud

This Advisory Note focuses in on the issue of 'income optimisation' and more specifically the role that Master Data Management (MDM) technology has to play in identifying single person discount (SPD) fraud in a quick and repeatable way. If your organisation is looking to protect council tax revenue streams from exemption fraud with less resources going forward then this Advisory Note is a must read.

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In this paper you will learn:

  • SPD fraud represents a big opportunity for local government organisations
  • Tackling SPD fraud is an ongoing commitment not a one off exercise
  • How MDM technology can assist in identifying fraudulent claims
  • The potential uplift your council could derive from tackling council tax exemption fraud
  • The level of buy in required from other departments within the local authority to make your initiative work
  • SPD and income optimisation initiatives represent a great entry point for a corporate wide data improvement initiative

Identifying and recouping this lost revenue is becoming increasingly important to councils as they are being put under pressure by government to limit increases in council tax at the same time as absorbing cuts to central funding.

Advisory Note: Tackling Single Person Discount Fraud