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The Single Citizen View Buyers Guide

Inaccurate, incomplete and out of date citizen information sitting in the various departmental silos of local government organisations represents a major obstacle in creating the cost effective, high quality, data driven services of the future. With budgets tightening and the demands and expectations of the interconnected citizen rising, local government organisations are under increasing pressure to implement enabling technologies such as MDM that support the objectives and vision of the organisation.

This guide is designed to help buyers in local authorities who are considering investing in Master Data Management technology to get a single and complete view of citizen data assets.

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In this paper you will learn:

  • The importance of mastering citizen data
  • Key considerations when evaluating vendor solutions
  • Examples of the outcomes and upsides MDM can support in Local Government
  • Top tips for a successful MDM initiative

It’s rare that any data improvement initiative gets signed off for the sake of it. As a result it is essential that your project has measurable objectives and is targeted towards outcomes that create significant tangible benefits for the authority.