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Mastering Data Migration

In this paper we will help CIO’s, Project Managers and Data Migration Leads understand the role that MDM plays in preparing and managing their data assets for the most data-centric activity there is in IT – data migration. The paper will focus in on how the features and functionality available in our Master Data Management solution suite can solve some of the perennial challenges that come up time and time again in data migration activities. This whitepaper written by industry expert Johny Morris will help you understand how MDM could be the hero of your data migration project.

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Thanks for downloading our whitepaper entitled 'Mastering Data Migration'. We hope you it provides you with some insight as to how MDM could be the hero of your data migration project. If we can be of any further assistance to you please do not hesitate to get in contact:


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In this paper you will learn:

  • How MDM technology can help you de-risk your data migration project
  • Common data migration challenges that MDM can help you overcome
  • The relationship that exists between data migration and MDM
  • Data migration represents a great entry point for an MDM initiative

In any migration environment but certainly one that is focussed on a Microsoft Dynamics target I would recommend that you look at VisionWare both for the migration and for in-life support for your new ‘Business As Usual’.

Johny Morris, Author Practical Data Migration (PDMv2)