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Did you know that social determinants significantly affect outcomes?


Complimentary White Paper – Master Data Management and Social Determinants of Health: Simplifying the Health Puzzle



Did you know social determinants could drive as much as 80% of health outcomes? This paper highlights the role an MDM solution plays in bringing together all types of patient data, especially non-clinical data, into a holistic view of each patient. 

VisionWare's MDM solution helps to simplify the health puzzle by delivering a single view of the patient. Utilizing an MDM solution will be key to maximizing revenue, managing high-risk patient populations, optimizing cost savings, and providing the best quality care to patients. 

A 360° view of the whole patient – every piece of the puzzle – is essential to success. 

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The realization that social determinants are critical indicators of a patient’s success or failure to comply with a treatment plan is finally gaining acceptance in the healthcare industry – especially for at-risk populations.