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How to resolve more enquiries at first contact

The pressure is on local government organizations to manage increasing demand with less resources going forwards. Whilst most council's continue to progress with self-service initiatives to drive down the cost of customer contact it is important to remember that this is only one component of an integrated customer services strategy. In this video we are going to show you how your local authority can significantly reduce call handling times and satisfy more inquiries at first contact by leveraging our integrated MDM solution – Auris.

The video you requested - 'How to Resolve More Inquiries at First Contact' is ready to view! We hope it gives you a deeper understanding of the powerful rule that integrated MDM can play in ensuring staff are not held to ransom by missing, incomplete or inaccurate data. Click on the video below to begin:

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“We spoke with VisionWare and they provided examples not only of what they had done in the healthcare industry but also in other industries in matching data. We felt they had the strong matching algorithm we were looking for.”

Warren Robinson, IT Applications Manager, Maury Regional