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Find out how EMPI makes patient-driven care a reality

Greenway Health enhances the patient experience with VisionWare’s next generation EMPI.

Embedded in Greenway's Patient Portal, EMPI is already being used to provide over 12 million patients with single sign-on access across multiple practices to give them visibility into their medical records, lab results and care plans.

Advanced healthcare data management builds a patient portal that provides single and centralised view of the patient in a non-disruptive fashion and in support of the existing provider client base.

Download the success story to learn how Greenway:

  • Are able to improve the care of high-risk patients
  • Increase patient engagement electronically online
  • Create a single view of the patient whilst avoiding duplicates
  • Identify one patient across multiple different practices and EHRs 
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Learn how Greenway Health used EMPI for patient success

As practices partner, merge, or form networks, we wanted the solution to appeal at the community level as well as the practice level. This is important functionality that the VisionWare EMPI solution caters to.

Mark Janiszewski. Product Management Executive Greenway Health