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Learn how high-quality data can empower social workers and improve child protection

Read our complimentary guide to understand how data can solve the problems of rising demand and falling budgets in the child social care sector.


Local authorities are under pressure to do more with less

Faced with rising demand and falling budgets, local authorities in the UK have never been under greater pressure to reduce costs, improve efficiency and drive early intervention in the child social care sector.

One possible solution is to use technology to enable accurate, real-time data-sharing between every stakeholder in the child protection process. Our new guide, How to empower children’s services practitioners with usable data, explains how.

Read the guide now to learn:

  • What constitutes high-quality, usable data in the child social care sector
  • How local authorities can easily enable data-sharing across multiple agencies
  • How data can empower practitioners to use their time in a way that makes a difference

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Creating a single view of the citizen enabled us to identify families that met our Troubled Families criteria and now allows us to dynamically identify new families and monitor the effectiveness of our Think Families programs.

Marlo Valente, Head of Enterprise Services, Leicester City Council