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De-risking Data Improvement in Insurance

As insurers begin to realize the competitive value in becoming more customer-centric, attention has rapidly turned towards transforming customer data into a strategic asset to broker deeper client engagement. But the data improvement journey towards a single and complete view of the customer hasn't always been a smooth one for insurers. That's exactly why we have created this ‘on-demand’ webinar featuring An-Chan Phung (CTO, VisionWare) and Nicola Askham (The Data Governance Coach) to offer practical advice on two of the most important areas to consider when scoping a Master Data Management initiative:

1. Targeting the most appropriate use-cases to create tangible business outcomes
2. Ensuring that you mind the data governance gap

Watch the webinar today to get actionable guidance on how to account for both of these common pitfalls, giving your project the best chance of exceeding stakeholder expectations and delivering transformational outcomes.

The video you requested of our 'on-demand' webinar titled "De-risking Data Improvement in Insurance" is ready to view! We hope you find it gives you food for thought on how to scope out your data improvement initiative. Click on the video below to begin or feel free to contact us at enquiries@visionware.com if we can be of further assistance.


This 'on-demand' webinar will help you answer the following questions:

  • How can I win support for data improvement?
  • Why is there skepticism around the concept of 'single customer view'?
  • How do I align MDM with Data Governance initiatives?
  • What's the impact of keeping customer data in silos?
  • Where are insurers making progress today?

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