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Are you ready to take part in the AI Revolution?


Complimentary White Paper – The AI Revolution in Healthcare: Is Poor Data Management Holding You Back?



This paper highlights the three ways poor data quality is holding back your hospital or health system from participating in the coming AI revolution: 

 poor data governance
 incomplete, inaccurate or duplicate information 
 loss of revenue

Included in this white paper are perspectives from a recent Infosys study, highlights from Paul James, CTO from VisionWare and a perspective from HIT vendor HealthReveal on the importance of using clean, portable data as the basis for their innovative clinical AI solution.

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We are no longer on the brink of change resulting from AI – we are already immersed in a world with software-driven machines learning to process unstructured information in meaningful ways; something that until relatively recently was the domain of humans alone.


Report from technology consulting firm Infosys